Old Mountain Homestead


Nestled in Louisa, Va., Old Mountain Homestead is a small family farm run by a husband and wife team with the assistance of their small clan of children.  We started our farm in an effort to provide our family with clean food and quickly began to see the hand of God in working so closely with his creations.

From the spring baby bunnies, to the sweet and silly baby goats, we thoroughly enjoy the privilege of caring for each animal and we hope to bring the same joy to you and your family.

We are ADGA members committed to responsible breeding and care for our Nigerian Dwarf herd.  We follow a holistic model when it comes to our practices, so you can be assured the herd is as healthy and loved as possible.

Providing ethical, clean food for our family is a priority and we are excited to help you do the same!  We seasonally breed New Zealand meat rabbits as a sustainable meat source!  Visit our meet rabbit tab for information.

Our herd was tested and confirmed negative in 2024 for CL, CAE, and Johnes.